food tour guide profile: carrie sullivan


Part of what makes Edible Excursions so special is the guides who lead the tours. These folks are food and drink experts and can provide deep layers of information on the Bay Area’s scene, as well as ably answer guest questions.

Meet Carrie Sullivan who has been a guide since 2008.  Carrie leads several tours for Edible Excursions:

Ferry Building 

Temescal Tastes 

Gourmet Ghetto

Mission District 18th Street 

Craft Chocolate

Craft Cocktail

Carrie’s sister introduced her to Lisa Rogovin because they both worked for the same Maryland-area publishing house. When both Lisa and Carrie moved to the West Coast, they reconnected in a food-worthy way: Carrie was working as a manager at the Warming Hut Café at Crissy Field. Lisa heard Carrie’s voice and knew immediately that it was Carrie. She told Carrie about her then-new food tour company (Edible Excursions), and Carrie came on board as one of the first guides.

Carrie is passionate about food, eating, sustainability and recycling and has worked as a private chef, manager, chef-instructor, and manager for the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. She also has formal culinary training, which comes in handy for her “day job” as the Culinary Programs Manager at CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture).

She manages programing and fundraising events, solicits and coordinates chefs and their culinary teams for fundraisers, and plans CUESA’s partner events, outreach events, and up to 10 farm and food tours. Carrie makes sure the weekly market to table cooking demos at Jack London and the Ferry Plaza farmers’ market happen, too.

Edible Excursions caught up with Carrie recently over hot soup bowls from Namu Gaji.

Why do you like working for Edible Excursions?

I have been a tour guide since I was in college. I worked for the college admissions office on campus. I love showing people around and sharing the good things to do, see & eat. I was giving tours to visiting friends and family before Edible Excursions became a business. It’s a great fit for me.

What’s a special memory from a tour? 

On the chocolate tour, it’s always fun to end at Mosto because people think they are going to just get a cocktail there. Mosto uses cacao bitters to make a cocktail, and people don’t expect to have chocolate in their drink. They love it!

What’s a fun food fact about you?

I hate raw onions. I can taste them for days. 

Lisa Rogovin