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Lisa Rogovin

Lisa Rogovin | Edible Excursions Founder/CEO/Epicurean Concierge |

Lisa Rogovin brings more than 20 years experience in worldwide culinary exploration to Edible Excursions. A longtime California resident, she has a vast knowledge of the Bay Area’s acclaimed food culture. Lisa lives in the epicurean mecca of San Francisco, with her husband and two children, adventurous eaters all.

Before founding Edible Excursions in 2004, Lisa worked as an ad sales manager for the iconic food and travel magazine Gourmet (R.I.P.). She also designed exclusive culinary jaunts for weekend travelers staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. Building on the popularity of these gourmet excursions, she developed her own culinary tour business, formerly known as In the Kitchen with Lisa.

Lisa enjoys sharing the Bay Area’s unique, innovative, and creative edible landscape with both local and visiting food lovers alike. She also supports farmers, artisans, producers, purveyors, and chefs who are socially and environmentally mindful about the food they grow, make, and serve. She is active in CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness Through Employment in Food Services), and four times a year donates a Ferry Building Marketplace tour for students enrolled in the program.

Joshua Clever

Joshua Clever | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Uptown Oakland, Mission 24th Street

Joshua works as a private chef through his company Urban Provisions, he co-hosts yoga retreats on the California coast, and he leads health and well-being-inspired culinary classes and food and wine pairing events in the SF Bay Area. Six years of living in Paris taught Joshua to appreciate seasonal, local, and sustainably grown food. Highly influenced by the therapy and value of a whole foods diet, Joshua returned to California to become a certified Natural Chef at Bauman College in 2008, a culinary program based on holistic nutrition. An avid yogi, Joshua was interested in marrying his two passions; food and yoga. Later he decided to bring a third element into the mix: wine. Life is about balance. For Joshua, yoga + food + wine is the perfect combination to achieve it. 

Emunah Hauser

Emunah Hauser | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Gourmet Ghetto, Mission 18th Street, Mission 24th Street, Temescal Tastes

Emunah believes food illustrates more about a place than any other lens. She loves sharing backstories about food neighborhoods, cultures and businesses and is grateful to live in a region known for its revolutionary approach to eating. Our food conversations are ever-evolving—the intersections of artisanal, local, traditional, and innovative are often intriguing and always delicious. As a publicist for good food enterprises, Emunah is excited about the changing food landscape not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but all around the world.

Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry | Epicurean Concierge | Temescal Tastes, Uptown Oakland

Sarah remembers how delighted she was when a farmers market sprouted in downtown San Francisco years ago now. A freelance writer, she reports on the local food scene for Edible East Bay, San Francisco, and KQED’s Bay Area Bites. She has covered food people, politics and culture for The AtlanticGilt TasteEating Well, and AFAR. Sarah is also the voice behind the blog Lettuce Eat Kale.

Alice Kawahatsu

Alice Kawahatsu | Epicurean Concierge | Japantown

Alice Kawahatsu is a 3rd generation Japanese American who was born and raised in San Francisco. For the past 25 years she has been active in the Japantown community. You can often find her volunteering at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) and the Konko Church of San Francisco. She enjoys passing down the culinary lessons she has learned from J-town elders to younger generations, visitors to San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area.

Sophia Lorenzi

Sophia Lorenzi | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Mission 18th Street, Mission 24th Street

When she's not dining out at San Francisco's newest eateries, Sophia works as an Epicurean Concierge for Edible Excursions and loves bringing people together to learn about and taste food. She also writes about Bay Area restaurants and food trends for Eater San Francisco among other publications. She recently spent two months working on a coffee farm in Hawaii, and word on the street is, she ran a late night, cookie-delivery business out of her college dorm room. You can follow her musings on Twitter @phiadosa

Anna Mindess

Anna Mindess | Epicurean Concierge | ASL Tours

Anna has followed her fascination with the intersection of food and culture to Parisian tea salons, Singaporean hawker stands and Hawaiian taro farms. Her latest journey landed her in Kyoto, where she took pickle and soba making classes. Anna, who works as a sign language interpreter, writes about ethnic eats and immigrant food producers for Oakland MagazineKQED's Bay Area Bites, and on her blog East Bay Ethnic Eats.

Carol Steele

Carol Steele | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Mission 18th Street

Carol is born and raised in San Francisco, and grew up in the Mission District. It was here that she became inspired by the rhythms of Santana, and began her illustrious career as a professional percussionist. Her work as a percussionist, led her to Cuba, where she has been leading tour groups for many years. When she’s not in Cuba, she’s here at Edible Excursions, leading groups through the Mission District and Ferry Building. This is a way she can share her love andexperience of San Francisco, through the diversity of cultures that we have here in the Bay Area.

Karen Solomon

Karen Solomon | Epicurean Concierge | Mission 18th Street, Ferry Building

Karen Solomon is the author of Asian PicklesJam It, Pickle It, Cure It, and Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It, a contributing author to Chow! San Francisco Bay Area: 300 Affordable Places for Great Meals & Good Deals and a former contributing editor to Zagat Survey: San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants. A Mission District dwelling food writer, her edible musings have appeared in Fine CookingPreventionYoga JournalOrganic StyleSan Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco MagazineSan Francisco Bay Guardian, and elsewhere.

Elitsa Somleva

Elitsa Somleva | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Mission 24th Street

Bulgarian born, Elitsa grew up spending her summers in the countryside growing, harvesting, and preserving the bounty of her grandma's garden. Her two passions are food and travel, and she strongly believes that the best way to experience new cultures and places is through their cuisine. When she is not walking and eating her way through San Francisco, Elitsa works as a travel agent helping her clients plan the most amazing adventure in the U.S. 

Carrie Sullivan

Carrie Sullivan | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Mission 18th Street, Temescal

A long-ago transplant to California, Carrie was drawn to the Bay Area by the amazing food and agriculture. Formally trained, she has managed catering events, specialty food retail stores, cafes and restaurants for small businesses and non-profits, and has been the Culinary Programs Manager for CUESA since 2014. Carrie adores sharing the bounty of the Bay Area food scene with visitors from near and far.

M. Quinn Sweeney

M. Quinn Sweeney | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Mission 18th Street, Craft Cocktails

A Vermonter who moved to San Francisco in 2005, mostly for the food, Quinn is a teacher, writer, photographer, and artist. He focuses much of his creative energy on food and beverage, writing for several national and online publications. He's always on the lookout a for a great bánh mì and can talk your ear off about where to get the best cocktails in town. Quinn also designs and sells his own "Distinctive Devices for Discerning Drinkers" at and you can follow him on Twitter @LibaLab

Sean Timberlake

Sean Timberlake | Epicurean Concierge | Mission 18th Street, Ferry Building

Sean Timberlake has two loves: Food and San Francisco. Luckily, he doesn't have to choose between them. As a volunteer tour guide and former board chair of San Francisco City Guides, he gets to wax rhapsodic about his favorite city, where he's lived since 1991. As a writer, his work has appeared on, Blackboard Eats, SFWeekly, and Foodzie (now Joyus Food). He is the founder of Punk Domestics, a site for devotees of DIY food, and writes the blog Hedonia with his husband, Realtor dpaul brown.

Rebecca Sibrack

Rebecca Sibrack | Epicurean Concierge | Gourmet Ghetto, Uptown Oakland, Temescal, Ferry Building

Rebecca is always excited to share her passion for culinary and cultural exploration. Leading food tours allows her to offer up the deliciously rich history and food culture of the Bay Area, her home for nearly half her life. A chef and anthropologist, Rebecca is committed to the local, sustainable, and organic food movement. She was a member at the Juice Bar Collective in North Berkeley for many years, and now, when not leading tours, works as a personal chef and is available for regional Mexican cooking parties through Edible Explorations.

Henry Hsu

Henry Hsu | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Gourmet Ghetto

Born in Taiwan and raised in Texas, Henry’s culinary predilections stem from this hybrid of Pacific Island and Gulf Coast cultures. His training ground was his grandfather’s vegetable garden, and his mother and grandmother’s kitchen. Henry studied anthropology, Latin America, and public health with stints in restaurant kitchens and organic farming. He worked in architecture and furniture design, lived in Ecuador and started a dumpling business. Now he works for local, artisanal tofu-maker Hodo Soy and in off-hours he volunteers for Green Gulch Farm, loves to cook, eat, talk & obsessively photograph food. IG: oramasama

Travis Monson

Travis Monson | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Mission 24th Street

Originally from Utah, Travis was attracted to cities for their unique cultures. He lived in Budapest, Hungary for three years and was captivated by their cuisine, culture, and language. Upon his return to the U.S., he was attracted to San Francisco for its vibrant history and diversity. He landed his first job as a cheesemonger at Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building, the nexus of food, art, and people. There, he gained respect for the technique and artistry that comes with making great fromage, each with its own unique story. Building upon that love of narrative and the city, Travis bought a map of San Francisco and committed to walk and photograph every street, alley, and trail. This journey has deepened his understanding and appreciation of what this city has to offer. IG: travismonsonsf

Tori Ritchie

Tori Ritchie | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building

Tori Ritchie was born in San Francisco and has been eating her way through the city ever since. A cooking teacher and cookbook author, she is always on the lookout for the best things to eat and share on her website, Her pet peeve in the kitchen is grating cheese; her favorite kitchen tool is a rubber husband (feel free to ask). Her articles have appeared in Bon Appetit, San Francisco magazine,  the San Francisco Chronicle, and Stanford magazine, among others, and her latest cookbook is The Side Dish Handbook. She is a regular volunteer at, relaying excess food to the needy. When she’s not writing about food, she’s probably thinking about it while stand-up paddling in San Francisco bay.

Paul Bosky

Paul Bosky | Epicurean Concierge | Beer & Bites

Paul has always been fascinated by the way people interact with their senses. As a self-proclaimed “beer nerd”, even before craft brewing was cache, Paul enjoyed tasting unique beers and recreating them in his hodgepodge homebrewing kitchen. Now he explores the cornucopia of beer flavors in the Bay Area and loves to discuss the sensory experiences with professionals and hobbyists alike. With a wife who is a culinary professional, Paul gets to marry flavors by pairing craft beer with delicious homemade food. He lives in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland where he watches new food and beverage business crop up on a regular basis. When he is not leading beer-and-food tours, Paul teaches meditation and mindful cooking classes.

Santino Garcia

Santino Garcia | Epicurean Concierge | Ferry Building, Mission 24th Street

A native to San Francisco, Santino is a local artist, actor and experienced eater that fervently believes food is what brings people together and solves the world's problems. If you are what you eat, Santino is a "ham". Having lead food tours professionally for over 4 years, and having run a concierge & hospitality program for a recording studio, Santino is excited to be sharing San Francisco's unique cultural story while showing off its tasty cultural treasures.